Chef Dusty Lee

Chef Dusty Lee has been moved by food since he was a child helping in his grandfather’s garden.  He grew to understand the delicate yet powerful flavors that came from home grown produce and the many ways in which these ingredients could be prepared or preserved to make sure nothing was wasted. His grandmothers and father taught him that cooking with a little patience and passion makes it possible to create dishes that can overwhelm your senses and mind.  They inadvertently ignited the fire that lead Dusty on his current path.

For the next 15 years, Dusty worked in top level kitchens honing his skill and understanding of the culinary arts, on quest to figure out the whys and hows of what cooking is and how to better master and unlock its secrets.  A quest that has lead him down the rabbit-hole of food science and sensory perception, and ultimately pushed him to open 187 Rue Principale 2013, which was a modernist playground where the classics were reinvented using cutting edge tools and techniques with the ultimate goal of creating memories for the guest.  Dusty Lee eventually left Rue to work with laboratory equipment manufacturers and some of the industry’s best and brightest chefs while still on his quest for understanding all things culinary.

Today, Dusty owns the culinary consulting firm MEEZ Konceptz, is a professor of modernist cuisine and technique at Drexel University, and the culinary technologist for the Rosendale Collective.

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