Making Chef's

Lives Better

MEEZ Konceptz is driven to providing an easier life for chefs and restaurateurs by applying science, equipment, and experience together to form the solution for the day to day struggles experienced every day in the food service industry. 

Consulting Opportunities:

  • New and existing menu development

  • Recipe creation, customization and engineering

  • Business plan creation and branding development

  • Existing concept rebranding and repositioning

  • Food service site/space search

  • Restaurant management

  • Restaurant and kitchen design

  • Private cooking lessons

  • Kitchen accounting procedures

  • Proven best operating practices

  • Efficiencies and profit engineering

  • Employee training and development

  • Communication tools for conflict resolution

  • HACCP programs & guidence

Our Chef

Chef Dusty Lee has been moved by food since he was a child helping in his grandfather’s garden.  He grew to understand the delicate yet powerful flavors that came from home grown produce and the many ways in which these ingredients could be prepared or preserved to make sure nothing was wasted. His grandmothers and father taught him that cooking with a little patience and passion makes it possible to create dishes that can overwhelm your senses and mind.  They inadvertently ignited the fire that lead Dusty on his current path.


“I first met Dustin in the midst of his ravenous appetitie for all things culinary... I would leave on his headstone "To teach and to learn". A valuable five world mantra I believe he lives by. Though he is always seeking knowledge, it seems he does this simple to share it. ”

Jamie Simpson,
Executive Chef at The Chef's Garden


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